Jánnos Eolou Concerts

Jánnos Eolou, in his career of more than 20 years, has scored many films and composed works for many different group sizes spanning from Full Symphonic, Choral, Chamber, hybrid with ethnic musicians and so on.


During the last 10 years he composes music in the genre of Tango crafting his own language, a more cinematic Tango.

His latest work is called ‘THE TANGOS OF THE MAGIC REALITY’, based on the world literary movement of Magic Realism.

It is a full concert work (60 min) for String Orchestra, Piano and Accordion. Below, a short video of a live performance



During the last 3 years he composes more and more for smaller, more intimate but also more virtuosic chamber groups. 

Jánnos performs live with these chamber groups (he conducts them) offering to his audience a unique experience of his music. Jánnos prefers to perform chamber works in small, intimate spaces of some historic importance or value, if possible and he usually projects imagery related to his works.

Two of his latest chamber works are available for touring:
La Forêt des Vœux Narcissus

Jánnos Eolou performs his music with ‘Quarto Quarter’, the quartet of Sofia Philharmonic:
Ivan Penchev – Violin I
Svetlana Stancheva – Violin II
Tatiana Todorova – Viola
Dimitar Tenchev – Violoncello

Extra Musicians:
Nadejda Tzanova – Piano
Lena Karni – Double bass (in Narcissus)
Dimitri Arabatzis – Accordion (in La Forêt des Vœux)

In both concerts the total number of musicians is 6.

Jánnos Eolou has composed orchestrated, prepared, and conducts the chamber group.

La Forêt des Vœux Screener

Number of musicians: 6. Concert Duration: 45 minutes

Narcissus Screener

Number of musicians: 6. Concert Duration: 45 minutes

Listen to the album

Listen to the album

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