Music for me was always about creating stories, new worlds that I wanted to live in, or worlds I was afraid I might have to live in…
So, I started composing literally even before learning how to play music because the journey just couldn’t wait…
I run with music when I have to, I fear through music chords, I love through symphonic lines, I strive to reach to the end with my soul pounding heavy crescendos… and my soul only speaks the language of music…
Some would say I try to escape reality, some that I try to create new ones…
I say: one life is never enough… I want to live as many as I can…


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PANTHER (Tangos of the Magic Reality)
MIA STIGMI GIA PANTA (Christmas Tango Soundtrack)
ESCAPE... TO BOY'S DREAM (Hero in Rome Soundtrack)
LIGHT IS TO BLAME - Above and Beneath (Narcissus)
CANTO DI SOLINO (Solino Soundtrack)
ROSIE AT CAMBRIDGE (Time Squatters Soundtrack)
TRYING TO REMEMBER WHAT I CAN'T FORGET (Tangos of the Magic Reality)
ROSES DUET (Dance of the Dead Roses)
ALL THESE YEARS OF LOVING YOU (Christmas Tango Soundtrack)
MAZE (Tangos of the Magic Reality)
LEAVING SMYRNA (Smyrna 1922 Soundtrack)
IF ONLY YOU COME (La Foret des Voeux)
SWIRLING TO LIFE (La Foret des Voeux)
WINTRY NOSTALGIA (Wintry Nostalgia Soundtrack)
YOUR HANDS (Piano Cello Duet)
PIZZERIA HAS A NAME (Solino Soundtrack)
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