Short CV


2012 Best Film Score Award, Hellenic Film Academy – ‘To Tango Ton Hristougennon’ (Christmas Tango)
2012 Best Film Score Award, Sever Art Awards – ‘To Tango Ton Hristougennon’ (Christmas Tango)
2008 Best Film Score Nomination, International Cyprus Film Festival – ‘A Hero in Rome’
2008 Best Film Score Nomination, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greek Ministry of Culture – ‘A Hero in Rome’
2004 Best Film Score Nomination, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greek Ministry of Culture – ‘Wintry Nostalgia’

Jannos Eolou is a member of the European Film Academy & the Hellenic Film Academy.

Jannos Eolou is a multi-talented artist with his major art being Music. He was born in Greece. He studied in the U.K. and the U.S. Mechanical Engineering, as well as Music (composition, improvisation, orchestration, Scoring for Films.) He is a prolific composer, a very skilled orchestrator, an experienced producer, an art director, a writer, a director… a creative person…

Jannos Eolou has composed music for the cinema, the theatre, contemporary dance companies, the concert hall and for album songs. He has worked as a recording producer, as a session conductor as well as a sound engineer.

His works have been distributed, performed, enjoyed in more than 30 countries, and he has sold many tens of thousands of CDs.

In 1999 he started creating multimedia spectacles combining many art forms in an effort to tell a story evoking emotions. His most prominent work is The Dance of the Dead Roses, a performance combining symphonic music, contemporary dance, cinema, poetry, video art utilizing a 100+ orchestra. The work had more than 40 performances with thrilling reviews.

In 2002 he composed the score for the film SOLINO, by Fatih Akin, the celebrated German director of Turkish origin. The score was released on a soundtrack CD by BMG GmbH and had a great impact to audiences of over 30 countries.

In 2008 he started his collaboration with Dutch director Klaas Bense on the films “The Diary of a Times Square Thief” and “One Fine Day”

In 2009 he has composed music for the first animated stereoscopic film in Greece on the history of aviation SKIES TO ETERNITY.

In 2011 he scored the soundtrack of the Greek film TO TANGO TON HRISTOUGENNON (Christmas Tango) directed by Nikos Koutelidakis (Village Roadshow).

In 2012-13 he scored the TV series 100graphy (150 episodes)

In 2014-5 he scored ten 3D films for Mount Olympus, Pella, Drama and more.

In 2015 he scored the Time Squatters. Jannos has been working for several years on the TIME SQUATTERS Saga. He has written the novel as well as the soundtrack for that. The book is available for downloading on Kindle Amazon, (printed version soon) and the soundtrack can be downloaded from iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, etc.

In 2016-9 he scores the TV series HARA THEOU (48 episodes)

In 2017 he composed CORPUS AETERNUM, a full length work for Mixed Choir and Piano, inspired by Hippocrates. It is a work dedicated on the Human Body. Christos Papanikolaou, the painter, created 77 original new paintings inspired by Jannos work and they are displayed on a video installation each time the music work is performed.

In 2019 he composed La Foret des Voeux, a full length work (47 min) for string quartet, piano and accordion. It was premiered on 23rd of March 2019 at Yeni Tzami, in Thessaloniki with the participation of the ‘Orpheus Soloists’. The visual background of the concert utilised photographs of the era 1912-17 of ordinary people ‘awaiting’ and ‘celebrating’ the ‘idea of liberation’, from the collection of the ‘Photography Museum of Christos Kalemkeris’. The work was studio recorded and it is released digitally and as a CD (see MUSIC WORKS section).

Jannos Eolou is also a writer, and a producer. He has extensive experience almost in every aspect of film production. He is an artists and a scientist, a person with strong technical background. His obsession, though is ‘the human soul’ and the way experiences have an impact on it!

Jannos Eolou creates music in order to take us in a journey, like cinema does, like books, like dance… a journey into the human heart, portraying images, discovering our inner universe…