‘Mia Stigmi Gia Panta’ cover, from ‘Tango ton Hristougenon’ (Christmas Tango) – Lyrics by Eleni Zioga, performed by George Dalaras and Mariza Rizou, is out on all major platforms and YouTube. Great work, fresh. Ten years after the original performance, George Dalaras in a surprise duet version with Mariza.

New Tango Forms – Crafted for many years. The Tangos of the Magic Realism. The first in the series have been recorded, soon they will be released.

NARCISSUS – CD Album. Twelve years in the make. Since 2008 Jánnos Eolou has been working and editing the final Album of Narcissus. In November 2020 Quarto Quartet, the quartet of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Sofia recorded the work with Pianist Nadejda Tzanova and Lena Karni on double bass. Quarto Quartet is: Ivan Penchev, 1st violin, Svetlana Stancheva, 2nd violin, Tatyana Todorova, viola, Dimitar Tenchev, cello. The work was recorded at the Hall of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Sofia.

It is available on all major streaming platforms

Hara Theou – CD Album. Three years in the make. 48 episodes of the TV series Hara Theou ( produced by N-CODE LTD for the Greek National TV ERT3. Directed by Dimitrios Mourtzopoulos, presented by Yannis Melissidis. A lot of people collaborated in the recordings. Special thanks to Kostas Kostoulis (Clarino), Rigas Makropoulos (Violin), Spyros Kavalieratos (Guitar), Dimitra Kalliara (Qanun), Vasilis Agrokostas (Lyre).

La Forêt des Vœux CD Album. The studio recording of La Forêt des Vœux is released. Recorded with Orpheus Soloists Sextet, Konstantinos Anastasiadis Violin I, Christina Tsakalidou Violin II, Pavlos Metaxas Viola, Ioannis Stefos Violoncello, Valeria Charitidou Piano, Dimitris Arabatzis Accordion, Recorded at CUE Productions Studio by Yiannis Mavridis. It can be downloaded via CDBaby or purchased as a physical CD via CDBaby or through this website.

The Christmas Tango Suite (20min) will be performed by the Symphony Orchestra of the Municipality of Thessaloniki on 8th of May 2019, at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall (M1), as part of a tribute to the most important Greek film composers and internationally awarded music personalities. Evanthia Reboutsika, Nikos Kypourgos, Dimitris Papadimitriou, Jánnos Eolou and Aphrodite Raikopoulou will present scores from numerous films. A specially arranged vesrion of the Christmas Tango Score will be performed, conducted by Anastasios Symeonidis, artistic director and Maestro of the Music Ensembles of the Greek National TV (ERT).

CORPUS AETERUM will be broad-casted by ERT3 for a third time, on Sunday 14.04.19 in their ‘classical music on weekends’ morning series, also web-casted at its web channel for global stream. The concert was performed with the mixed choir of ERT (Greek National Radio & TV). A work inspired by Hippocrates in Larissa, Greece. Date of filming: 16/9/17

The Non-Stop Radio is already on Air 24/7. Enjoy non-stop music of mine from all PC and smart devices.

The 4th Season of the TV series ‘Hara Theou’ is almost ready to start broadcasted. On 07.04.19 the first episode will be aired. I sign the score of this season (like all previous 3)

La Forêt des Vœux in concerts: March 21 & 23rd in Thessaloniki (Greece) at Yeni Tzami and 24th of March in Larissa (Municipal Conservatoire) at 20.30. Orpheus Soloists is performing the work (string quartet, piano and accordion).

The 3rd season of the TV series “CHARA THEOU” has started being broadcasted by the Greek National TV ERT3. After having scored 36 episodes I feel blessed for having the chance to explore the expression of small folk ensembles, experimenting with Byzantine music while trying to find a fresh approach.

(Greek Orthodox Good Friday)
CORPUS AETERUM is broad-casted by ERT3, at 14.00 CET. Also web-casted at The concert was performed with the mixed choir of ERT (Greek National Radio & TV). The “Eternal Body” is used symbolically by the National TV on the Greek Orthodox Good Friday, Day of the Epitaph.

CORPUS AETERUM was broad-casted by ERT3, also web-casted at its web channel for global stream. The concert was performed with the mixed choir of ERT (Greek National Radio & TV). A work inspired by Hippocrates in Larissa, Greece. Date of filming: 16/9/17

The 2nd season of the TV series “CHARA THEOU” has come to an end. 24 episodes are available, at  What a great challenge!

CORPUS AETERUM was performed with the mixed choir of ERT (Greek National Radio & TV) the new work inspired by Hippocrates in Larissa, Greece. What a great night! Wonderful performance! A big thank you to the Choir, conductor Dimitris Ktistakis the great pianist Thanos Margetis, but most of all to the alsmo 2000 people in the audience who let go and enjoyed it! Wow!

Final rehearsals with the mixed choir of ERT (Greek National Radio & TV) for CORPUS AETERUM, the new work inspired by Hippocrates. It is a work for the “Eternal Boby”… each one of us

Started rehearsing with the Mixed Choir of the Greel National Radio (ERT) for my new work CORPUS AETERNUM (for mixed coir and Piano). It will be performed on Saturday September 16th 2017 under the direction of Dimitris Ktistakis.

Working like crazy for the music of the TV series of documentaries for ERT3 (Greek National TV station 3) called “CHARA THEOU” (GOD’s JOY). It is a TV series with a theological starting point that addresses issues of relegious but also social as well as cultural topics.

Jannos has just finished composing the music themes for Mount Olympus Museum permanent exhibition. There will be a 3D stereoscopic film as well as several more 2D. It has been quite an experience to try and portray the importance and magnitude of such a symbol, an emblem, like Mount Olympus.

‘TIME SQUATTERS’ soundtrack is released (iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, etc) as well as the novel in Kindle Amazon. The audience received it with great success although a very new concept, brand, Saga. More about the Time Squatters Saga soon.

Jannos has just finished composing for a series of documentaries about Ancient and Modern Pella (birth city of Alexander the Great). It was an exhilarating experience in all aspects.

Jannos has just finished his new soundtrack for the new historical science fiction saga ‘TIME SQUATTERS’. In the next weeks the soundtrack will be available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and more.

Jannos’ new novel ‘TIME SQUATTERS’ is now finished, edited, and will be available as a Kindle e-book in March 2015.

The soundtrack of the film SOLINO, directed by Fatih Akin, produced by Wueste Film (Hamburg) music composed by Jannos Eolou and performed by the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra SIF309 is re-mastered and re-released digitally.
You can now enjoy it on iTunes, CDBaby, and all major music providers. In the soundtrack is included a song by celebrated tenor Vittorio Grigolo and the wonderful folk singer Barbara Vitali. All music composed and orchestrated by Jannos Eolou in an Italian Bel Canto flavour. In this release there are pieces of music not released in the original CD format.

Jannos Eolou’s music is choreographed by Claudio Bernardo, in his new work called ‘So20’. It will be performed on 20, and 21 of November 2013 at the Palais des Beaux Arts, in Brussels.

Jannos Eolou will compose the score for the series of short documentaries YSTEROGRAFA for the National TV of Northern Greece (ET3)

Jannos Eolou will compose the score for the series of short (10) documentaries for the city of Dramas

Jannos Eolou gave a MasterClass on Film Scoring as part of the FILM FACTORY, organised by the Hellenic Film Academy. (19.30-21.30) at the building of the Hellenic Art School (Sholi Kalon Tehnon – Peiraios str)

TO TANGO TON HRISTOUGENNON (Christmas Tango) received the Best Original Film Score 2012 Award by the Hellenic Film Academy.

TO TANGO TON HRISTOUGENNON (Christmas Tango) was voted BEST FILM SCORE in the Seven Art Awards 2012.

Jannos Eolou starts composing music for the TV-series EKATOGRAFIA, for the ET3 (Hellenic National Radio & TV of the North).

The Original Soundtrack TO TANGO TON HRISTOUGENNON (Christmas Tango) is released. You can find it online for downloading as well as ordering. Visit Home page of to find the relevant links.

Jannos Eolou conducted the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra SIF309 at the Athens Concert Hall on Monday November 21st. The avant premiere of the feature film TO TANGO TON HRISTOUGENNON took place with great success. The music was performed live in sync with the picture.

George Dalaras has performed the title song of the OST Tango Ton Hristougennon. Mia Stigmi gia Panta lyrics by Eleni Zioga. George Dalaras has given a wonderful performance. This is a song you have to listen!

Jannos Eolou is scoring the music for the feature film ‘To Tango Ton Hristougennon’ by Greek director Nikos Koutelidakis. This film is an adaptation of the novel by Greek writer Yiannis Xanthoulis. Produced by N-Orasis. Distribution: Village Roadshow

Jannos Eolou is scoring the music for the feature length documentary ‘One Fine Day’ by Dutch director Klaas Bense. This film is the second collaboration between Jannos and Klaas.

Jannos Eolou will speak about his works, his techniques and general vision of film scoring on Saturday 6th of November at the FilmMusicStage in Halle (Germany).

Jannos Eolou has spent several months developing the new stereoscopic film ‘Skies to Eternity’ dealing with the evolution of flight through history. Jannos has scored the film and the soundtrack will be released in Novemner 2010. You can find out more about this special film as well as watch the trailer at

Jannos Eolou has just finished scoring the film ‘UnUnited Europe’, directed by Dimitris Mourtzopoulos. The film was commissioned by the Thessaloniki Cinema Museum and uses home videos (Super 8mm) of the 60s and 70s. The film will be presented in several Art house film festivals in many European countries.

Jannos Eolou has finished scoring the stereoscopic (3D) presentation of the Egnatia Highway (670 km) finished this year. The presentation film was premiered at the 74th Hellexpo on the 5th of September 09.

Jannos Eolou has scored the short documentary commissioned by the Folcloric Museum of Thessaloniki (Greece). It deals with the change from the rural to the urban life style of Thessaloniki in the early 20th century.

Jannos Eolou has scored the feature length documentary for the Maronia Archaeological Museum of Thrace (Greece). It deals with all antiquities of the area from pre-historic era till modern times.

Jannos Eolou presented samples of his works for scoring cinematic works explaining how he goes about composing music for film. The Greek Union of Film, Television and Audiovisual Technicians organises a series of ‘meetings’ with people involved in the cinema, presenting their art and craft to the audience. The series started with Jannos Eolou.

Jannos Eolou Live in Athens 30/3, 6/4, 13/4.
Jannos Eolou will perform music from his new CD ‘AMOROSA’ as well his cinematic works at POLYCHOROS AGYRA, 124 Solonos str, Athens. Maria Papaleontiou will sing together with a group of 5 musicians. Bookings at +30210 9229914.

Jannos Eolou was invited by the cultural association Grafio in Prato (Tuscany/Italy – next to Florence) to give two lectures, open to the public.
The first lecture was at Palazzo Novellucci, on how the form in Music can work with or against structure creating different styles of music, different emotional statements.The second lecture was at Grafio’s own space, on music and images. Jannos explained his process of composing for the cinema.

Jannos Eolou has just finished composing the music for the stereoscopic (3D) production of the Cinema Museum in Thessaloniki (Greece).
It is a production targeted to young and adult audiences of the Cinema Museum which can enjoy insight info about the ‘film making’ process from script to post-production. This is one of Greece’s first stereoscopic (3dimensional) film productions which is based on real shooting with two cameras and not just CGI. The film was technically implemented by Icon Plus.