Nikos Kazantzakis, a Romantic

I am often asked about the people who influenced me most. And I often answer, ‘Puccini and Wagner’, and just after the two masters, Rimsky Korsakov. Puccini when it comes to melody and drama, Wagner when it comes to harmonic structure but also to his ideals about ‘Total Theatre’ and Rimsky Korsakov for his orchestration manuals, the great sailor who so generously helped other great Russian composers. But when it comes to all the rest, when it comes to the way I started thinking about my life, my role in it, the beginning of the ‘path that never ends…’ the

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Going from A to B!

All my life I am trying to go from A to B, and B keeps changing, drifting further away, becoming A suggesting another B further down the road. Kavafis said that we should wish the distance from A to B to be as long as possible, because it is not the destination that counts but the traveling process. I once read an interview by Vangelis saying that he is happy where ‘he is’ and his definition of happiness was just that: not feeling the need to go to any other point, having reached point B definitively. I respect that and

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