La Forêt des Vœux – The Forest of Oaths

The Forest is a magic grid, a place where one is fully immersed, surrendered, a place that bares codes and secrets, incomprehensible connections, such as the nervous system inside our body has. In such a Forest, within our sympathetic and parasympathetic system, in a place residing amongst thoughts and feelings, subconscious projections, suppressed fears but also dreams and wishes, we seek to “live” with a conscious focus to the meaning of the sanctuary, where our inner self blurs its limits to the ‘other’, the ‘exterior’, where ‘language’ is not the tool of thought… There lies the ‘Forest of the Oaths’,

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While working on the Corpus Aeternum composition I strived to look upon Human Body as a ‘part of a structure’, that also holds, imbeds the ‘Whole’, as Hippocrates suggested. The Eternal Body that houses ‘the Whole’, ‘the One’, denotes, decodes it, allows it to interact but also provides with a solid reason to transcend its mortal nature. And trying to dive into this mental structure which I try not to think of it but to ‘be it’ for the time I am composing, I composed a work that consists of 20 parts for mixed Choir and Piano. The reason being

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CORPUS AETERNUM A new composition for Mixed Choir and Piano More than a year ago I was asked to create a new work on/about/around the theme of Hippocrates, by my home town, Larissa (Greece). Not a lot of people know that Hippocrates, who was born in the island of Kos, spent his last 10 years and died in Larissa. The idea is to promote this through art, music, conventions and so on. Hence, a new work on Hippocrates… But then… who is Hippocrates? After reading a lot about him I came to the obvious conclusion that everybody was trying to

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The myth of music being ‘in front of/above’ the film

I have heard it so many times in my life, I just can not stay quiet anymore. First I’ve heard it from mediocre directors: ‘the music was far too important than the film’, or ‘the music took over the film’. It is a nice way to say that the film was bad – no? Now, I hear it even by famous composers: ‘I try to be part of the film and not ‘above’ it, not get in the way…’ Am I the only one who believes this is a total crap? Would you say something like this for the leading

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Why do we need stories?

Many times I have been asking myself this. Why do we like to hear (or watch) a good story? Is it because we are curious to see what happens in the end? But you have to be interested in the story before that, otherwise you wouldn’t care. Is it because we like to be ‘surprised’, ‘scared’, is it because we like to ‘safely’ live the adventures the hero goes through and feel the excitement without risking? Is it because we ‘learn’ from all this? Absolutely. I could go on and on. Self-explanatory you may say. True. But all the above

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