Unsurpassable Beauty

It is only in the 2nd half of the 20th century till today that beauty is so underestimated in art, almost demonized. No one is allowed to create something beautiful if he wants to be taken seriously. In painting because it resembles naïf and realistic painting culture of the Eastern European iron curtain, in music because it reminds of folk and pop music

To be ‘serious’ it must be ‘strange’, almost ugly.

Beauty is not only an image, a sound. It is a way. A path. A tendency. A heroic bold statement, a resistance against the entropic forces of universe, the forces of decay and destruction.

I so often see people so reluctant to let go and be caried away by beauty, by fulfilment through art, and I feel sorry for them, for the lost years that our culture has lost demonizing the only act we should all be encouraging: the path towards light, towards beauty.

Symmetry is not a given. Simplicity is not easy to grasp not to recreate.

It takes years, hundreds of hours, days, months of effort for an adult artist to create something as beautiful as even a children’s ball sketch… or a simple yellow circle as a sun, as convincing as when painted by the soul of a child.

Chaos is out there. Everywhere. In the so called ‘infinite universe’, we find only silence, cold, darkness, chaos. The only place I can find true beauty is on this planet, and in art, because art (music in my case) is the only way to interact with the ‘vault’ of beauty in us, the soul. That’s where all beauty resides. That’s what we should take good care of. If this is lost, nothing good is to be expected.

Do I sound like a teacher? Or like an old man? Maybe.

But I feel as young as ever. Always ready to start on a new journey to the unknown. An expedition in search for beauty, wherever it could be found…

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