A new composition for Mixed Choir and Piano

More than a year ago I was asked to create a new work on/about/around the theme of Hippocrates, by my home town, Larissa (Greece). Not a lot of people know that Hippocrates, who was born in the island of Kos, spent his last 10 years and died in Larissa. The idea is to promote this through art, music, conventions and so on. Hence, a new work on Hippocrates…

But then… who is Hippocrates? After reading a lot about him I came to the obvious conclusion that everybody was trying to describe his ideas about the Human Body, the Human structure as a whole, more than him. So, it became clear… What I had to do was: a work on the Human Body, with Hippocrates ideas in mind as much as possible.

So, I have created a work for a Mixed Choir because I decided that the work should be performed only by human bodies, voices, music through breathing… and a Piano. Piano is such a ‘universal’ instrument that plays the role of all ‘external’ stimulus to the human world. And so, a minimalistic universe was created with all internal sung by voices and all external played by the Piano.

I had also the great honor to have the great painter Christos Papanikolou create 77 original works that were inspired by my work that will create an installation on the night of the concert.

CORPUS AETERNUM will be performed for the first time on Saturday September 16th 2017 in Larissa, with the Mixed Choir of the National Radio of Greece (ERT) under the direction of Dimitris Ktistakis. Piano: Thanos Margetis. It will be an open air performance that will be recorded and broadcasted (maybe live).

(to be continued…)
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